The Miller Manor Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) is subject to policies made under Part IV of the Clean Water Act. Although the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority provides risk management services on behalf of your municipality, it is still necessary for municipal staff to make referrals if a proposed development could be affected by Part IV policies in the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan. The information below will help you find out how Part IV policies in the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan affect proposed developments in the Miller Manor WHPA, and lead you through the referral process which is also explained in the Restricted Land Use Workflow Guide: The information provided here is only a summary; for more details please refer to the full Source Protection Plan or contact staff at the Cataraqui Source Protection Authority.

Restricted Land Use Referral Process

Step 1: View a map of your municipality: Miller Manor Wellhead Protection Area
Step 2: When the map appears, find your area of interest and click on the relevant fact sheet link. The fact sheet will help you determine whether planned developments require review by a risk management official.
Step 3: If necessary, fill in the required forms.

Reference Materials

Risk Management Officials

Marvin Winter
Lead Risk Management Official/Inspector
613-923-2251 or