Cataraqui Source Protection Plan Maps

Follow the instructions below to find out how the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan (the Plan) affects you:

  1. Find your area of interest from the list below and click on the resident or municipal link.
  2. When the map appears, find your area of interest and click in the highlighted area.
  3. A PDF fact sheet explaining what is required under the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan will be displayed.

The maps and fact sheets provide information about policies in the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan and requirements under the Clean Water Act that affect people, businesses, and municipalities. This information is only a summary; for more details please refer to the full Source Protection Plan or contact staff at the Cataraqui Source Protection Authority.

Are you submitting a building or planning proposal to your municipality?

Additional requirements may apply to you under the Clean Water Act and the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan. Use our Interactive Maps – Restricted Land Uses to find out how your application might be affected by the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan.

Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs)

Intake Protection Zones (IPZs)

Highly Vulnerable Aquifers (HVAs) & Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas (SGRAs)

Over 90% of the Cataraqui Source Protection Area has been identified as a highly vulnerable aquifer (HVA) and/or a significant groundwater recharge area (SGRA).

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