Workshops and Presentations

Cataraqui Source Protection Area: Municipal Staff Training Sessions

Before the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan became effective on April 1, 2015, municipal staff across the Cataraqui Source Protection Area participated in implementation workshops and were presented with educational resources tailored to their specific implementation needs. CRCA staff have put together two types of training videos directed towards municipal staff who will be responsible for implementing policies in the Plan:

Source Protection 101
Source Protection 101

Source Protection 101 is a guide to drinking water source protection. Click on the image to watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Part IV WIB Youtube Channel Image
Part IV Workshop‐in‐a‐Box

Train municipal staff in Risk Management Office support. Click on your municipality to watch the video on our YouTube channel:

Proper Care and Use of Well and Septic Systems Workshops

CRCA staff partnered with local community groups, CRCA Board members, and volunteers to host two private well and septic system workshops in January and April 2018. The workshops highlighted the importance of groundwater as a limited and vulnerable resource due to a high water table, thin soils, and highly fractured bedrock environments in the Cataraqui area.

Speakers touched on important topics such as groundwater water quality and vulnerability in eastern Ontarioproper use and maintenance of private well and septic systems for rural property owners, and best management practices.

As part of the workshop, a free property self-assessment booklet was developed in partner with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority as an educational resource for: (1) determining risks to drinking water and vulnerable groundwater on a property-specific scale, (2) outlining best practices for the operation and maintenance of well and septic systems, (3) specifying contact information and additional material for reference, and (4) providing well and septic system tracking sheets and a space to keep important records all in one place.

Presentations from our partners, as well as the Groundwater Protection Workbook can be found below:

Our Vulnerable Groundwater
Groundwater Monitoring
Groundwater Monitoring in the Quinte Region
(Quinte Conservation)
Septic Systems
(KFL&A Public Health)
On-site Septic Systems
(LG&LD Health Unit)
Private Drinking Water in Ontario
(Public Health Ontario)
Well Construction, Maintenance and Abandonment (MOECC)
Groundwater Protection Workbook
(Multiple Partners)

Groundwater Vulnerability Forum (March 27, 2017)

CRCA staff hosted a workshop on behalf of the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee for individuals and organizations interested in protecting groundwater in the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. The intent was to bring researchers, municipal advisors and decision-makers together to discuss groundwater in the highly vulnerable setting we have in the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. The agenda, handout, proceedings, and presentations are available here:

Forum Agenda
(March 27, 2017)
Groundwater Management
Recommendations Handout
Recommendations used to rank priorities
binders on a shelfing unit
Our Vulnerable Groundwater
Groundwater Vulnerability in Shallow Bedrock Aquifers (Queen’s University)
Bacterial Contamination Hotspots
(Public Health Ontario)
Public Health Ontario Bacteriological Hotspots
Groundwater Management in Ontario (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change)
Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Guideline (CRCA) 

Source Protection Workshop (March 27, 2017)

CRCA staff hosted a workshop on behalf of the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee for local implementers of the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan. The intent was to showcase local achievements, review updated annual reporting, discuss on-going challenges and share information about the future of source water protection. The agenda, presentations, and workshop handouts are available here:

Workshop Agenda
(March 27, 2017)
Innovative Education and Outreach – Interactive Mural (Town of Gananoque)
Gananoque Mural
Road Salt Management: Provincial Working Group; Local Methods (Conservation Ontario)
Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments (City of Kingston)
Annual Implementation Reporting (CRCA)
Accomplishments and Next Steps (CRCA)

Source Protection Workshop (March 31, 2015)

CRCA staff hosted a workshop with staff from local municipalities and health units, as well as provincial representatives. The workshop was well attended, and we heard from participants that they felt well prepared for implementing the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan. There was interest to continue collaborating on a number of fronts including land use planning, road salt management, and an implementation reporting framework. The agenda, presentations, and workshop handouts are available here:

Workshop Agenda
(March 31, 2015)
workshop agenda
Source Protection Plan Implementation: A Provincial Perspective (CO)
5 Source Protection Plan Implementation - Conservation Ontario
Source Protection: Plan Approval Update and Info on Implementation (MOECC)
6 Source Protection - Plan Approval Update and Info MOECC
On‐Site Sewage System Maintenance Inspections (Health Unit)
7 On site Sewage System Maintenance - Health Unit
Source Protection Signage
source protection signage
Source Protection Signage
ontario source protection signage update
Source Protection Considerations for Road Salt Management (CRCA)
source protection considerations for road salt management
Integrating Source Water Protection Plan Policies into Local Land Use Planning
integrating source water protection plan policies into local land use planning
Implementation Progress Reporting (CRCA)
implementation progress reporting
Road Signs Handout
13 SWP_Sign - Road Signs Handout