Provincial Guidance Documents

Source Protection & Municipal Planning Documents

Staff at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change have developed a guidance document to support source protection staff at conservation authorities who are working with municipalities to update land use planning documents (i.e. official plans and zoning by-laws) to include source protection considerations. The document requires familiarity with the Clean Water Act and source protection.

Conservation Ontario Education and Outreach Resource Catalogue

Conservation Ontario has developed a resource catalogue containing sources of  information on source water protection topics to assist municipalities with education and outreach initiatives across Ontario.

Follow the links below to access these resources:

Conservation Ontario Implementation Resource Guides

Conservation Ontario and staff at conservation authorities have developed resource guides to support the implementation of source protection plans across Ontario. The Implementation Resource Guides cover a variety of topics related to plan implementation (e.g. land use planning, reporting, and risk management plans).

Conservation Ontario’s Implementation Resource Guides are available below:

Module 1
Establishing a Risk Management Office
Module 1 Cover
Module 2
Where Policies Apply
Module 2 Cover
Module 3
Land Use Planning
Module 3 Cover
Module 4
Annual Reporting & Information Mgmt
Module 4 Cover
Module 5
Risk Management Plans
Module 5 Cover
Module 6
Module 6 Cover
Module 7
Non‐Regulatory Policies
Module 7 Cover
Module 8
Other Obligations
Module 8 Cover

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